🚀 Gaia Protocol Application Beta Launch


Dear Gaia Protocol Community,

We are excited to announce that the web version of the eagerly anticipated Gaia Protocol application Beta version is now live! Please bear with us a little longer for the application version as it is currently under review by Google and Apple.

We are in the early stages of the app, and there are still many features to be added. However, this is just the beginning. Moving forward, the app will integrate both Web2 and Web3, and incorporate all community functions to enrich the user experience. Additionally, we plan to offer personalized services through AI integration and even connect to "space" to provide a comprehensive digital experience.

Your opinions and feedback are extremely crucial during this process. The feedback obtained through this beta test will greatly aid the development of the app, and together, we can grow Gaia Protocol.

This application launch will be the first step and a huge leap for our Gaia Protocol. We deeply appreciate your continued interest and support. Please look forward to more exciting features and updates! 🎉