Gaia Protocol Story

Chapter 1 — Light

In the beginning, there was Light.

The Light was bright and vast, possessing the power to create worlds.

The Light crafted multiple worlds within a realm known as "K."

Yet, each time, the worlds did not evolve as the Light had intended.

The intellectual beings that inhabited these worlds grew resentful of the Light.

The Light was disheartened, weakened, and diminished.

Chapter 2 — Gods of Gaia

At one point, the Light changed its course.

No longer seeking to shape the world as it desired, the Light began to create anew, allowing the world to evolve on its own.

With the last of its power, the Light created a small world named "Gaia," where it birthed gods of three races named "Genesis," "Supernova," and "Stable Dao."

The Light, too weakened to create anything beyond gods, decided to ally with the other Lights who had created different worlds within K, deploying these gods into their respective domains.

Genesis was sent to a world called "KN", Supernova to "KS", and Stable Dao to "TD".

Chapter 3 — The Cost of Alliance

Contrary to the Light's hope that the prestige of the gods would increase with the progression of the worlds, the worlds began to crumble one by one.

The worlds desired constant expansion due to the demands of the intellectual beings, the greed of the creators, among other reasons. The expanding worlds eventually burst, unable to bear the capacity.

Moreover, even the realm of K that held these worlds began to collapse, crumbling slowly like a fortress of clay, despite the relentless efforts of the Lights.

The Light and the gods, who had trusted in the longevity of the worlds and the realm, were greatly bewildered.

Realizing the danger of relying on external sources, the Light was once again overcome with a sense of despair.

Chapter 4 — The New World

Watching the fall of numerous worlds, the Light and the gods gathered once again in Gaia.

They had long discussions and finally made a decision: to create a new world of their own.

They resolved to create fire and energy, land and sea, and living beings within Gaia.

Despite being exhausted from witnessing the downfall, their spirits were revived by pooling their strengths together.

The gods breathed power into the Light, and it shone brightly once again, growing large.

The creation of a world that no longer depended on alliances with other worlds but was self-sustaining began in Gaia.

Chapter 5 — The Rise of Creation

Empowered by the gods, the Light began to create various entities within Gaia.

With this creative power, Gaia became a new frontier where various life forms and worlds were born.

Genesis shaped the earth with rich soil and enormous mountains, Supernova led the evolution and changes of the world with passionate fire, and Stable Dao breathed life into all beings by granting them the energy of life.

Each world carried its unique charm and personality, and as a result, Gaia blossomed into a diverse and abundant world.

Chapter 6 — The Beginning of Boundaries

However, as this peaceful and creative period passed, the worlds began to recognize each other's existence and potential.

Through this recognition, boundaries and mistrust began to grow among the life forms of the worlds.

Inevitably, they began to prepare for war, driven by anxiety of an impending attack.

Watching this unrest and conflict, the gods of Gaia desired to control it, but their powers could not suppress the will of the life forms.

Chapter 7 — The Attempt for Forced Peace

In order to prevent such disputes, the gods of Gaia decided to send warriors into these worlds to create a forced peace.

Genesis breathed the power of earth, Supernova the power of fire, and Stable Dao the powers of wind and water, into their warriors and sent them into the world.

However, the life forms of each world also had their own defensive mechanisms and power.

They prepared for war against the gods of Gaia in their own ways.

Chapter 8 — The Beginning of the Gaia War

Thus began the massive battle known as 'Gaia War' between the gods of Gaia and the life forms of each world.

The gods of Gaia attempted to force peace through their warriors, but the life forms of each world resisted in order to protect their worlds.

The outcome remains uncertain. The gods of Gaia continue to fight by creating more warriors, and the life forms of each world are continuing their battle to protect their worlds.

The Gaia War is still ongoing, and the result will be determined by the actions of the life forms of all worlds.